About De Rango Menswear

In Today’s society with the ever increasing inability to spend time doing the things we love most, we have found that over the past 20 years, our concept has removed the stresses of finding the time to do the necessary shopping for suits, shirts, pants, ties etc.

Your experience will begin with a consultation of your requirements and needs, and then it is followed by a measurement which is recorded and kept on file for any future requirements you may have. Once this is done, we can then create your garment, to which you will have a final fitting, before presenting it to you for pre-delivery inspection.

Over the years we have had an ever increasing demand for uniforms for various businesses. Mainly automotive. Tailored uniforms has now become a large part of what we do. We also offer full embroidery services, out sourcing to one of the best embroiderers in Melbourne. The tailored uniforms include business shirts, suits and pants. We also supply a huge range of Polos, winter jackets, technician pants, tech belts, beanies, caps, hi-Vis safety clothing.

Since March, we started manufacturing our own washable non medical cloth masks as well. With or without embroidery.

As you can see we are not your Shopfront retail menswears store. We have branched out into various areas of clothing which keeps us busy throughout the year.

If you would like to arrange an onsite consultation, please either call us on 0417 340 285 or click here to get in touch.