Please read through our history to better understand that DeRango clothing comes from a long line of tradition and passion.

In the early 1960's, The DeRango family decided to migrate to Australia from Italy.† Francesco DeRango my father and Mario DeRango† my uncle were young trained master tailors. They and my mother Maria and auntie Lina who had also just finished their schooling as seamstresses, had begun the journey and travelled the seas to start a new life here in Australia.

When they first migrated to Australia, they were employed in tailor shops and large manufacturing plants as they were quite plentiful back then. Being an astute business man, Francesco saw an opportunity and had decided to go into business with Mario, Maria & Lina. And so the DeRango tailorís shop was opened back in 1971 in the Melbourne suburb of Clayton.

The success came almost instantly as it was quite visible early on that the family effort of hand making suits for locals and people afar was something that had not been seen before. It was the DeRango family passion being meticulous and fastidious of character, placing love and passion in every garment that was produced.

I was born in 1972 in Melbourne. I remember from the age of five, spending every hour that I could in the family tailor shop. After school I would look forward to going to my dadís shop, holidays couldnít come quick enough so I could spend time there. Learning the art of sewing from such a young age, both hand sewing and using a machine. A passion that has been with me since then and to this day continues to grow.

It was 1978 and it was decided to inject more capital into the business and start a larger scale manufacturing plant. I continued going to the family business every day after school and on holidays, doing my homework in the office and then getting involved in the different aspects of manufacturing. From pattern design, cutting and sewing to quality control and delivery, I had been involved in all the aspects of clothing manufacturing. From the handmade garment to the mass produced garment.

In the late 80ís we moved to Italy for a few years to set up a manufacturing base there. Again I was heavily involved in that business as well, learning many more aspects of tailoring and high quality design, a trait the Italians are renowned for. This experience of travelling abroad truly helped my passion grow to what it is today.

Upon our return to Australia, we established a new manufacturing plant, with the latest cutting edge technology, plant and equipment. All of our 50 staff members were put through a very thorough and demanding induction procedure to help ensure that we achieved the highest standards.

By the age of 22, I was appointed the operations/production manager of the family business. Always having been a hands on person, always working on the production floor, being part of a successful team and learning new methods from my dad and working on the various types of machines meant that I was now able to carry forth from what I had learnt from the experience and guidance of my family.

Just over ten years ago, it was obvious we needed to take a new direction to tackle the increasing competition from overseas. This is when Adriano DeRango Menswear was born. Coming from a hands-on busy environment and always being a pro-active individual and then being in a store which was quiet at times, gave me the idea and concept that I have been successful at for the past 10 years. From the start of my new concept, I have brought with me 30 years of clothing experience from hand tailoring, Italian productions to mass manufacturing and now we employ a team of six dedicated and professional individuals.

Going back to the traditions of yester year has been a wonderful and enjoyable experience, an experience which is shared with my family who are still involved behind the scenes helping ensure you receive the best possible product and after sales care without the unnecessary burden of finding time to go shopping.